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Spooky Ghosts

Halloween Ghosts


Start with the base of the figure. The first pieces of wire should be cut to determine the height of your figures. I opted not to do life sized, but went a bit smaller.


  1. First 5-6 cuts of same length

  2. Attach each piece to another piece to form a ring from an aerial view

  3. Cinch the top of the ring together to form the figures waist

  4. To make the bodice, cut out the shape that you would like

  5. Attach to skirt

  6. To make arms, cut smaller pieces of chicken wire, make a circle and attach to upper body

  7. To make head, use a mannequin head or a small ball to wrap the wire around the object

  8. Slide the object out from under

  9. Attach the head to the upper body

  10. Position arm in manner that you wish


*Tip: To attach a piece of chicken wire to another piece, just make tiny cuts in chicken wire trim. Then make a hook to attach to another piece of chicken wire. There is no need for molly-ties IMO. 

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