Pottery Barn Kids "Treat Bag Knock Off"

Are you looking for a way to make your own PB Kids inspired treat bag? Here is how I did it three years ago for my niece and nephew. 

Directions for Weekly Craft's PB Inspired Treat Bags

Weekly Craft's Easy DIY Styrofoam Headstones


Who hates spending $10-15 on a tombstone that costs about $1.5o to make? Our neighbors at Maplewood always stop by to comment on how realistic and fun our Halloween tombstones look. It is great when I hear parents reading the epitaphs to their kids as they walk by on their way to the trail. The amazing thing is how little I spend on my Halloween decorations and now you can too! Head out to your nearest hardware store and pick up a few sheets of styrofoam, some "oopsie" paint, and a black marker. I use items from the dollar store to decorate around the tombstones, like black flowers, moss, and raggedy material.