Crystal Personalized Wedding Shoes


First, buy a pair or two of discount shoes (hello, Dillard's Clearance Center) and order crystals with adhesive backs in bulk. 

Then you will want to draw out your design on the shoes, so that you are not just randomly placing crystals somewhere. *See side note. 

Starting in the center of the design, place your crystals and move outwards as you work. When you begin to place your crystals, you should be working in small sections. Lightly coat the area with the fabric glue and follow with placing the crystals on the shoe. Do not worry that the crystals will come loose because the thin layer of glue is merely acting as a temporary placeholder. Once you have a little section going, then you will use your mini iron on the top of the crystal area. The heat on the crystal will activate the adhesive on the back, which creates a much stronger hold.

After you have "set" the crystals, let the area dry. Wait 24 hours to check for loose crystals. If you find any, place a smaller heating tool only on the loose crystal. Use a finger protector and firmly apply pressure to the crystal to allow it to set. 

**Side Note: I bought two pairs of the same shoes because the first pair went horribly wrong. As you can see from the pictures, I started without a pattern and began to randomly place crystals on the heel without giving too much thought to placement. 

Further, I thought I could just use the single heating tool made by Tulip to complete this project. That was a futile waste of my time that only resulting in frustration and burn marks on my hand from when the tool would slip. I used a mini iron for this project and the results were fantastic. (I break them out on my anniversary and prance around in them with my tiara. Yes, my husband bears witness to my utter craziness and still loves me). 

Bridesmaid Hair Pieces

Our wedding had about 100 guests and I had two bridesmaids and a maid of honor (MoH got sick and could not come, so my sister filled in for her). I love to give handmade gifts for any special occasion and my wedding was just as special as any other occasion. If you know me, then you know that I am surprisingly guarded (friendly nonetheless), which is why I preferred to have a small wedding party. In between classes during my last semester of law school, flying down to Houston for dress fittings, and working at a legal clinic, and planning a wedding, my spare time had taken quite a hit. However, I knew that I wanted my bridesmaids to have something to wear in their hair. 

I trudged over to Michael's floral department and found some silk flowers that were pretty large. I removed the center of the flower and added beads and crystals. The flower petals were prettified with the same sequins that I used at the bottom of my heirloom veil. 

In between the layers of the flowers, I added al little bit of tulle to give the flower more dimension and durability. I then proceeded to sew down the layers to keep it all in place. After I attached a silver comb to the back of each flower, I trimmed the frayed edges and sealed it with clear fabric glue. 

This was the perfect gift for my bridesmaids and the flower pieces looked amazing in their hair on my wedding day. I also made them a necklace, but I had no idea what I was doing when I was making it. Therefore, it would not be appropriate to give advice or a tutorial on how to make a bridesmaids necklace. Lol.