Interchangeable Flower: Onesies & Headbands


Buy an assortment of silk or tulle flowers suitable for headbands and/or clothing found in the T-Shirt aisle of your local craft store. 

Place the velcro in the center of each onesie. Sew the velcro onto the fabric to ensure it will hold up when laundered. *I am using black velcro on the onesies for demonstration purposes. It showed up better in pictures compared to the white velcro I would normally use. 

Add velcro to the flower and headband. You can opt to sew the velcro to the flower, but it is not necessary because you will not machine wash the flower. Change out your baby's look with a simple switch of the flower. (The interchangeable flowers are great when you are at the hospital doing newborn photos. You can change the look of your little one's outfit by a simple flower switch and new headband without the hassle of changing into a new outfit). 

Interchangeable Flower Basket


For a crisp presentation, place tissue paper on one side of the onesie. Fold as indicated on the picture: flip it downward, fold the bottom up, fold sleeves inward, fold the top backward and leave a tissue tail, and then finish by folding the tissue paper under. At your discretion, you may wish to iron to smooth out any wrinkles. 

After folding the onsies, begin to work on the basket. I used an Easter basket that I found at a local craft store. You may wish to remove the handles or leave the handles intact. 

Next, cut out 1" strips of velcro. Place evenly on the basket. If your flowers look wrinkled, you may want to iron out any creases. Place the flowers on the basket and place the onesies inside. Now you are ready to gift your homemade craft to someone you love!

Gorgeous Tulle & Butterfly Mobile


First, you will need to make a base to place your tulle on. You can use pipe cleaners or jewelry wire to make two circles. One of the circles should be smaller than the other circle. 

After cutting out a million pieces of tulle (or so it seems), tie the tulle around the perimeter of each circle. For a fuller appearance, you may wish to tie the tulle closer together. 

Now that each circle has tulle all the way around it, you must connect the two circles. Use ribbon to tie the smaller and the larger circle together. 

Once this step is completed, place a small decorative birdcage on top of the smaller circle. Attach the birdcage to the smaller circle using ribbon. I decorated the birdcage I used with ribbon that would match the tulle (light pink and white) for a more finished look. 

The last step is to attach the butterflies to the mobile. Using your own discretion, place a few butterflies on each of the smaller and larger circles. Then cut pieces of ribbon in varying lengths, which you will attach to the bottom circle. Place your remaining butterflies on the ribbon to finish the mobile. 11-

Little Detti's Baby Blanket

Honestly, this is not a tutorial because this is not really my area of crafting. There are so many sites out there that do some amazing work when it comes to quilting. This is not one of them. lol. 

With that being said, I spent a lot of time on this baby gift for my niece and I am actually proud that it did not turn into a complete fail. She loves it and more importantly, my husband loves it because it is no longer hogging our kitchen table.