For the Baby..

 As I have mentioned before, I am all about giving handmade gifts, especially for family members. I made a couple of little things for my new niece, Sapphire Loren Pina. The first gift was super easy to make and I really liked how it turned out.  However, the baby mobile was absolutely beautiful, but much more time consuming. 

 Interchangeable Flowers: Onesies and Headbands

Baby Mobile  

1. Take pipe cleaners or jewelry wire and make two circles, which one is smaller than the other.

2. Cut pieces of tulle (seemed like a million pieces to me).

3. Tie tulle all around each of the circles. I choose to put mine closer together so the mobile would look fuller.
4. Use ribbon to tie the smaller and the larger circles together.

5. Use a small decorative bird cage for the top piece. You can find these at your local craft store for about $2.

6. Use ribbon to decorate the bird cage, so the colors match the colors of tulle.
7. Tie the bird cage and the smaller circle together.

8. Attach butterflies to the mobile throughout. Placement is up to you.

9. Cut different lengths of ribbon.

10. Attach remainder of butterflies to each ribbon.

11. Tie on to the bottom layer (larger circle) of the mobile.

12. Keep for yourself or give as a gift.