Heirloom Wedding Veil

For my “Something Old,”  I asked my mother if I could have her old wedding veil. She told me that it was balled up in her closet and had turned kind of yellowish, but I was welcome to take it. I dug it out of the closet to find out that she was correct. The veil was a yellow color, wrinkled, and well, kind of a lost cause.

Yet, I really wanted to wear something of my mother’s on my wedding day and there is no way I could squeeze myself into her gown.  I knew there had to be some way to get the yellow out of the veil, but nothing was really showing up online. I decided that going to an antique store was the best route.

While there, I sought out a person that sold old lace, so I could ask them what they did to remove yellow from fabrics. Well, the lady I talked to convinced me to buy some sort of bath crystal type thing, which I was a bit skeptical about.

On another note, while I was at the antique store, I saw a wedding dress probably from the 80’s that had a really nice lace pattern to it. I bought it with the idea that I would deconstruct the dress and salvage the embellishments. Let’s say it was a great investment of $50.

I took the dress and the crystals home and started to work. The crystals worked surprisingly well as you can see from the pictures. Once dry, I rounded the bottom of the veil to remove frayed edges. Then I got to work adding the lace to the bottom.

This is something that I worked on for months. The pictures do not actually show how much beading and crystal work that I did on the veil. Do not tell my husband this, but I was actually working on the veil the morning of the wedding with my sister, Star.

I hope that if I have a daughter or even daughter-in-law, they may want to wear it too. Cheers!