Wedding Shoes


  • Pair of shoes 
  • Swarovski HotFix Crystals with heat activated glue (I used this, but any brand should work the same)
  • Fabric Glue
  • Single Heat Tool 
  • Mini iron
  1. Directions:
  2. Find discount shoes (Hello Dillard's Clearance Center!)
  3. Order crystals in bulk
  4. Pencil in a design on the shoes 
  5. Start in the center of the shoe and work outwards
  6. Lightly coat small area with fabric glue
  7. Place crystals in the area
  8. Let dry 
  9. Use hot tool or mini iron to heat the adhesive for crystals to set 
  10. Let Dry 
  11. Once the section is dried, check for loose crystals. 
  12. Using a smaller heating tool, heat the loose crystal again. Once the glue is creating a glossy color, use your finger to hold it in place. (You may wish to use a finger protector because the crystals do get hot.)
  13. Using the steps above work in sections all over the shoe until completed.

**Side note: I bought two pairs of these shoes because the other pair went horribly wrong. As you can see on the left, I started without a pattern and began to randomly place crystals on the heel without giving too much thought to placement. 

I began the project thinking that I could only use a single heating tool to get the desired effect. Turns out that it was a complete waste of time doing it that way. The crystals did not set properly and the single heating tool burned my hands numerous times because the head of the tool would glide across the top of the crystals.

Thank God that I found a duplicate pair at the same clearance center. In all, I spent $30 on both pairs of shoes, which is why I advocate for trying this with a comfortable discount pair of shoes in case you have to start again.