Bridesmaids Gifts

 I love to give handmade gifts for any special day, so my wedding was no different affair. I had a very small bridal party, which allowed me to concentrate on making something of quality for my girls. The first thing I made was their hair pieces. 

At Michael's in the floral department, I found some nice silk flowers that were pretty large. I popped out the center of the flower and sewed all the layers together. I added beads and crystals in the center of the flower. Then put shimmery sequins on three of the petals and the edges of some other petals. 

In between the layers of flowers, I added a little bit of tulle to give the flower more dimension and durability. In order for it to hold to the hair, I added a little silver hair comb that I found at Michael's. Lastly, I trimmed the frayed edges and sealed with a clear glue. 

This was a perfect gift for my bridesmaids and the flowers looked beautiful in their hair on my wedding day. 

 I also made them each a necklace. However, I am not going to lie. I have no idea how to make jewelry, so this was my first stab at it. Honestly, I really do not think me giving a tutorial on this gift would be a good thing. You are better to find an actual person that makes jewelry all the time to see their tips and tricks.