Bridal Doll


  1. Pipe cleaner

  2. Tulle

  3. Doll head

  4. Doll hair 

  5. Beads 

  6. Sequins

  7. Lace

WC_Wedding Doll2.jpg

Doll Base:

  1. Use pipe cleaners to form a base. Create a circle, then attach half pieces to the circle to make the dress form.

  2. Stuff the base with tulle for reinforcement.

  3. Attach a layer of plain lace or cloth on the dress form. This should cover the bodice and the skirt.

  4. Attach doll head with glue to the bodice area.

  5. Make sleeves by using small strips of cloth. Attach sleeves to bodice.

  6. Glue doll hands into sleeves.

  7. Sew the lace onto bodice and skirt.

  8. Embellish with beads. 

Doll Hair and Veil

  1. Cut out small piece of lace.

  2. Place doll hair on lace and sew. *Just like real wig making.

  3. Glue the piece of lace to top of doll’s head.

  4. Cut out two strips of tulle. One small and one larger.

  5. Place the smaller (blusher) in front of the doll’s head.

  6. Sew blusher into place.

  7. Place the larger veil in the back of the doll’s head.

  8. Sew veil into place.

  9. Sew beads onto wig of the doll.

  10. Cut veils and hair to your liking.