Something for Him <3

 This was just a little something I made for my husband when I was bored one night. I have more little DIY gifts for my man in upcoming posts, such as the really sweet cufflink box that I gave to him for our first anniversary. 

For the Baby..

 As I have mentioned before, I am all about giving handmade gifts, especially for family members. I made a couple of little things for my new niece, Sapphire Loren Pina. The first gift was super easy to make and I really liked how it turned out.  However, the baby mobile was absolutely beautiful, but much more time consuming. 

 Interchangeable Flowers: Onesies and Headbands

Baby Mobile  

1. Take pipe cleaners or jewelry wire and make two circles, which one is smaller than the other.

2. Cut pieces of tulle (seemed like a million pieces to me).

3. Tie tulle all around each of the circles. I choose to put mine closer together so the mobile would look fuller.
4. Use ribbon to tie the smaller and the larger circles together.

5. Use a small decorative bird cage for the top piece. You can find these at your local craft store for about $2.

6. Use ribbon to decorate the bird cage, so the colors match the colors of tulle.
7. Tie the bird cage and the smaller circle together.

8. Attach butterflies to the mobile throughout. Placement is up to you.

9. Cut different lengths of ribbon.

10. Attach remainder of butterflies to each ribbon.

11. Tie on to the bottom layer (larger circle) of the mobile.

12. Keep for yourself or give as a gift. 


Ghostly (and Very Spooky) Yard Art

Halloween Ghosts

Start with the base of the figure. The first pieces of wire should be cut to determine the height of your figures. I opted not to do life sized, but went a bit smaller.

  1. First 5-6 cuts of same length

  2. Attach each piece to another piece to form a ring from an aerial view

  3. Cinch the top of the ring together to form the figures waist

  4. To make the bodice, cut out the shape that you would like

  5. Attach to skirt

  6. To make arms, cut smaller pieces of chicken wire, make a circle and attach to upper body

  7. To make head, use a mannequin head or a small ball to wrap the wire around the object

  8. Slide the object out from under

  9. Attach the head to the upper body

  10. Position arm in manner that you wish

*Tip: To attach a piece of chicken wire to another piece, just make tiny cuts in chicken wire trim. Then make a hook to attach to another piece of chicken wire. There is no need for molly-ties IMO. 

Pup Art

Time: 4-5 Hours


  • 1. Dog Wrapping Paper
  • 2. Variety of Canvases & Wooden Plaques
  • 3. Decoupage Medium 
  • 4. Black Paint 
  • 5. Scissors 



  • 1. Go to the Paper Source store or their site --
  • 2. Paint all  canvases and wooden plaques black 
  • 3. Let dry while cutting out the different dog pictures
  • 4. Decoupage each dog picture onto the wood or canvas surface. 
  • 5. Let dry completely
  • 6. Optional: Paint glossy finish or use decoupage medium over the pictures again. 
  • 7. Touch up black paint. 



**Tip:  Paper Source has a variety of different wrapping papers that are perfect for little projects such as this. I am not big on promoting certain stores or products, but Paper Source is an all time favorite of mine. :-)

Come on! $3.95 for a multitude of pictures is quite the steal. Of course, there are lots of  pictures like this that  are open stock and available for free. Yet, it is more cost effective to save my printer ink and paper for other crafts. 

** Tip: Sponge the decoupage medium onto the back of the picture instead of the canvas or wooden surface to avoid air bubbles.  When placing the image down, make sure to smooth from the center outward.  


**Tip: The decoupage medium is best applied with a  sponged applicator tool.  (See picture)

I suggest avoiding the gimmicky application tools that entice you with bright colors & fantastic project ideas. Save that money for a better decoupage medium. 

I visit one craft store frequently that runs a 20 for $1 sale about once a month. It is a great sale for me to stock up my inventory. 

Additionally, these applicators are more or less disposable. I am guilty of being a tad lazy when it comes to thoroughly rinsing out glue from brushes, so I am fond of disposable tools when working with adhesives.


Bridal Doll


  1. Pipe cleaner

  2. Tulle

  3. Doll head

  4. Doll hair 

  5. Beads 

  6. Sequins

  7. Lace

WC_Wedding Doll2.jpg

Doll Base:

  1. Use pipe cleaners to form a base. Create a circle, then attach half pieces to the circle to make the dress form.

  2. Stuff the base with tulle for reinforcement.

  3. Attach a layer of plain lace or cloth on the dress form. This should cover the bodice and the skirt.

  4. Attach doll head with glue to the bodice area.

  5. Make sleeves by using small strips of cloth. Attach sleeves to bodice.

  6. Glue doll hands into sleeves.

  7. Sew the lace onto bodice and skirt.

  8. Embellish with beads. 

Doll Hair and Veil

  1. Cut out small piece of lace.

  2. Place doll hair on lace and sew. *Just like real wig making.

  3. Glue the piece of lace to top of doll’s head.

  4. Cut out two strips of tulle. One small and one larger.

  5. Place the smaller (blusher) in front of the doll’s head.

  6. Sew blusher into place.

  7. Place the larger veil in the back of the doll’s head.

  8. Sew veil into place.

  9. Sew beads onto wig of the doll.

  10. Cut veils and hair to your liking.