St. Patrick's Church Rummage Sale

Previously, I posted on the painting that was too large for my dining room, but I did not mention the super cheapy finds that I also took home with me. Even Smeeby was having a good time at the sale, I mean, as good of a time as you would expect from a husband bribed with donuts to accompany his wife to another garage sale. I think the two small $5 dollar paintings look cute in my living room. One of these days, I will spend the money to get the paintings reframed. Yet, this will have to do for now. 

Not only did I find stuff for my walls, we actually find something for Smeeby's office too! When we saw this lamp, I think we both knew how great it would look in his office. I am not really a fan of the wood paneling in Smeeby's office, but he really likes it. We bought the lamp for $10 and I got the shade a couple months later at another garage sale for $5. 

I also bought a few other things for myself. I saw this two-tiered pie crust table and fell in love with it. As I was telling the guy that I wanted it, I saw an old beater rocking chair. This rocker had good bones and I knew a little TLC would go a long way. I stripped the old finish on both pieces and then stained it a dark hue that I had on hand in the garage. Obviously, I changed the fabric on the chair to something a little more modern. Here are the before and after pictures: