Mrs. Fancy Pants Try- Hard

This past October, I dragged my husband out of the house on an early Saturday morning, so he could see this painting I previewed on Friday when it was being unloaded from a truck at St. Patrick’s in Rockville, MD. (I bribed him with donuts. It’s my special trick to get Smeeby to do something he does not want to do. I am surprised he is still so thin. Ha). Smeeby and I are not big into the art scene per se, nor is our house filled with amazing paintings. Yet, I love finding paintings at yard sales and second- hand stores. Admittedly, I often over-estimate the size of the walls in my house, which has proven to be problematic in the past.  This is one of those times where I really should have measured.

It seems that houses from the 1960’s are constructed with tiny walls that make up tiny rooms. I thought for sure this painting would fit in my dining room. I was completely wrong. It is currently resting up against our bedroom wall with the hopes that one day in the future (most likely very distant future) it will be hung up in all its glory. I think I could easily recoup our $100 investment, if I was to sell it.