Just call me Mommy, Esq.

Maryland Bar Exam

A lot has happened over the past year! Around this time last summer, I was in the process of studying for the Maryland bar exam. If you know me or read my other posts, you would know that I had an unsuccessful attempt in Virginia in July 2012. Failing the bar is an earth shattering blow to the good ole’ self-esteem and it took me over a year to build up the courage to take another bar exam.

Maryland, unlike Virginia, recognized that I needed the same accommodations I received in law school for the bar exam. However, Virginia did give me partial accommodations, but well, it was a less than pleasant experience. I took the VA bar exam in a custodial closet at the back of an auditorium. Yep, thanks Virginia for the accommodations. I should have petitioned my 3-point deficiency when I received my score in the mail, but I convinced myself it would be futile. List of Things I Regret:  #1 Not attempting to petition the score.  

Maryland was extremely accommodating to my disability and I will always truly appreciate their willingness to level the playing field. I was given a private room with my own proctor in the building where the other test takers with disabilities took their exams. Honestly, I really enjoyed my time in Baltimore, even though I was taking the bar exam. Of course, I was terrified that I would fail the Maryland bar exam; the results would come out on Halloween.

It might seem lame, but I love Halloween so much that I refused to check to see if I passed. I figured I could always get the bad news on November 1. My husband, on the other hand, had found my seat number and was checking all day for me. I had no idea that he had been doing that until he came home from work and told me that I passed! Thanks to all my friends and family that supported me and loved me through the entire bar exam craziness. I really appreciate your prayers and words of encouragement.

Yay for Babies!

Plus, I have more exciting news! Smeeby and I are going to be parents in like two months! I had a slight feeling that I was preggers on my husband’s birthday, but I did not want to say anything. After all, now that I passed the bar exam, I wanted to start a family. The day after his birthday, I went to the store and got the tests and both tinkle tests came out positive. I decided to make a special dinner and told my husband that another one of his birthday gifts had come in and he could open it before dinner.

Even though I am creative, I could not figure out how to tell my husband we were pregnant. I did some research and everything seemed, well, so not us. Then I remember that I had some onesies in my craft room leftover from a baby gift I did for my sister. I knew I wanted to put something cute on it, but nothing was coming to mind. Then it hit me, I would incorporate our nerdy gaming habit into the surprise. I found a World of Warcraft achievement generator. Check out the pictures! Lol. If you play the game, then you know the achievement references the new expansion.

Of course, Smeeby was excited that he was getting an extra gift, but he was even more excited when he saw the onesie inside. I mean, well, I had to give him a moment to take it all in. Yay for babies! It was so special getting sworn in to practice law with my baby in my belly. Our son should be here around August 8, 2015 and we have slowly been working on his arrival. Check back for more pictures of the nursery.