Dirty Tricksters!


When my I looked at Maplewood, I saw hardwood floors as advertised on the home’s website. I have serious allergies, so I needed a place with hardwoods. However, there was something weird about these floors that I could not place for the life of me.


Upon closer examination during the home inspection, I noticed that the rooms were all missing shoe molding. I asked the inspector if he believed the hardwoods were finished. He assured me that they were and I needed to buy shoe molding for it, which is really cheap.


A flooring company came out and gave me an estimate of $4190 for the main living area, the small bedrooms, master bedroom, hallway, and AHJ’s office. Not bad at all. Honestly, I thought it would be significantly more than that.


The flooring guys started the floor on Monday, where they sanded everything down on the floors in the bedrooms and office. On Tuesday, they sanded the floor in the main area and I got to choose what color I wanted the stain to be.

Maplewood’s floors are white oak, so the dark color I wanted was harder to achieve. See the color samples? See how they all pulled an ashy tone.