The Wonders of Paint

Blame it on my boring childhood and the dreaded white wall obsession of my parents, but I love a painted room. When I was 16, I had a friend take me to wal-mart after school so I could buy paint. Hot pink and lime green would go perfect with my nutty teenage room.


Then I ran into some trouble. You see, I thought if I finished the room before my parents got home, then they would never know that I painted the room. (I lived on the third floor of the house all by myself. I guess my parents were too lazy to walk about the extra 14 steps.) However, paint had an odor, one that my parents were able to smell when they got home. 


I honestly do not think I got in trouble for it, which was shocking. Then again, they never bitched about my odd obsession of hot gluing things to my wall ("make shift ashtray" = teeth mold from dentist office with a glued toothbrush to it...beautiful) or my ceiling (pez dispensers and bowling shoes). I digress.


When we moved into Maplewood, the colors were very warm and kind of gross looking.I wanted the house to take on the feeling of being calm and serene. Goodbye orange and yellows, hello blues! 


Here are the pictures of the living area...don't mind the odd barn in the room, and here are the pix to my dining room.