Mirror Mirror on the Door...

Well, not anymore. While having an entry way closet is a good thing, I suppose, a mirrored door is not a good thing. In fact, every time I opened the door, it would crash into the mirror. Here were my options: 1) Put on a bumper (door stop thing); 2) Be careful; 3) Remove the door all together. 


Obviously, I choose option #3 by taking advantage of getting my floors redone to rid myself of this dreaded catastrophe. I know I sound extreme referring to the area as "the catastrophe," but that is what my husband and I referred to it as while it was in existance. 


I really wanted to create a welcoming nook/ mini mudroom, so I busted out the shelf (all by myself too. yea, I know I am pretty boss. lol j/k). After the shelf was gone, I repaired the little holes in the wall and painted the closet the same light blue color that I used in the adjacent formal living space. 


A couple of months ago, while we still lived in the townhome, I made a lovely little shelf with a coat rack. I brought in the bench from downstairs, hung up the leash hooks for the boys, and ta-da....Mini mudroom completed. 


Check out the wooden stump in the picture. Seems odd to have it here now, but my intention is to bolt on a shoe brush to the top of it. (It was part of the red maple in the front yard). What do you think? Check out the pictures here