Not a dream kitchen, but anything is better!

Totally bummed my parents were not able to make it in town this past week, so I decided to make myself feel better by redoing the kitchen


The microwave and oven are still a ridiculous eye sore, but will have to do for now. This was my first time painting cabinets, so I was a little wary as to what I should be doing. I talked to a woman at home depot that told me to skip the Rustoleum kits and just buy the stuff that is in the kit. 


I got a de-glosser and used it on each cabinet. I lightly sanded down the cabinets with a ultra fine grit sandpaper. After I dusted it off, I went to town with my little roller brush. 

While the cabinets were drying, I took all the handles and painted them with a little bit of Annie Sloan's "Pure White Chalk Paint." I then hot glued the same type of jewelry piece that I used on the hutch for the new handles. Voila! 


I removed the ugly blinds and replaced with a handmade mini curtain. (Sadlly, I was off on my measurements. That is what happens when I have brilliant idea late at night). 


Lastly, I wanted to block out my view to my neighbor's yard, so used one of those decorative films from home depot. (est. $20)


What do you guys think?