Can I get some privacy please?

On the list of “To-Do’,” was having a nice fence installed for my tiny little dogs. Normal pre-fab fences have gaps too wide where my dogs could easily slip out. Yet, I had to wait until the survey was done on my land because I wanted to make sure my fence was on the line and my yard maximized.


Waiting, waiting, waitingokay finally it got done. Then came the contractor game. I called about 5 different companies to give me bids for the project. A couple bids were triple the amount for the same damn thing. Funny one company refused to come to my house when I told them I had other people coming out to give me an estimate.


“Obviously, you are going to pick the cheapest estimate, but let me tell you now that I don’t use illegals to do the work. I have the same designated crew and that’s why we are more expensive. You get what you pay for..”


Well, F you too. I ended up using MC Fences for the fence install, but ran into an issue with the guy who did the estimate. Turned out the guy did not actually do it right. He left out a portion of the work and never wrote down that I wanted the slats very close together. Of course, I was pissed when I was told I was not going to get what I wanted. The kid gave me the line, “the estimate was a legally binding contract.”


Really? You want to play the lawyer game? Where did he get his law degree? Because I am looking at my law school diploma as we speak, so I chose not to go there.  I told him that he needed to get off my property and cease work until I spoke with the owner.


The owner called me later that night and apologized for his employee because the guy had made mistakes like that before. He believed me over his own (ex) employee. They finished the fence and it looked absolutely beautiful. One of the owners came out and apologized to me when he was in the neighborhood doing estimates. Obviously, he did not want me to badmouth them, but as long as they don’t deal with the kid, then all should be fine.


That's all beside the point because my fence looks awesome and my pups are safe as can be.