Bathroom Redo



After painting the main floor, it was time for me to get cracking on the top floor. I started with the bathroom because well, the bathroom kind of sucked a little. I do not know if I can find any “before” pictures, so I will do my best to describe it to you.


The bathroom walls were a very warm yellowish- orange color that looks as if it were never cleaned. Gross. The vanity was relatively new but I was not crazy over its dark cherry color. This thing needed a makeover.

I had leftover gray paint from when I originally made a real mudroom. We now use the makeshift mudroom because I was tired of my husband walking through my studio space to get in our house.


Yea. I work in our unfinished garage and refer to it as “my studio.” I alluded to the fact that I am pretentious when it comes to naming things. I.e. Naming a little split-level house “Maplewood” or naming our dog “Colonel Edward Watson,” so that everyone would refer to him as The Colonel.


I digress. I painted the bathroom a very light gray and repainted the vanity black. I used Behar’s “Gentle Rain” for the walls and used Rust-oleum’s Painter’s Touch paint in a black semi-gloss. Why did I not use chalk paint? I normally would use chalk paint or milk paint for furniture pieces, but I wanted something a little different for the bathroom. I did not want it to look too much like the rest of the furniture on this floor.


Honestly, I am glad that I used the Rust-oleum product because it turned out well. The vanity had a wood veneer on the front and laminate side. Sure, I could have painted the laminate side, but I really did not want to sand the thing down or get too close to it. I ended up decopauging a palmistry poster I found at Paper Source. This went well with the little Norman Rockwell print I have had for the past 8 years.


I still need to take out the mirror and the lighting fixture, but for the most part, I would say the project is complete. What do you think