Living Room Continued

Now that we have furniture in there, we needed a little bit more to complete the look. I was looking for the perfect end tables that I could redo and finally found them when I went to the best Habitat for Humanity Restore in the DC Metroplex.

I picked up each end table for $40, then I replaced the hardware for another $5. So for $95 I now have two solid wood end tables that are completely awesome. (I do not normally brag about my own work, but I just love these little end tables.)

I finished up the room by getting a few lamps, which were much needed in this space. Even with our windows open, this room always seemed so drab. Now we have light, now it is truly functional for living. The lamps were from my local Tuesday Morning store (the one right off Rockville Pike).

The two lamps on the end table were $49 a piece because they were each missing a crystal strand. The tall lamp was $79. I am sure I could have found other lamps cheaper than these, but something about these lamps were just screaming, "Take me home with you!" 

Now all we need is a little artwork and family photos to take away the "hotel" feel to the room.