My Office

When my husband and I moved into the house, he claimed the wood paneled office and got the second largest spare room on the other side of the house. Now let me tell you this, the previous owners had little boys. Little boys are gross, unless they are related to me. Let's just say...the walls needed a good cleaning. 

I really wanted a pink office, but deciding on the right pink was problematic. There are a thousand shades of pink: bubblegum, pepto bismal, tween, hot pink, baby pink, etc. Finding the right shade took quite a bit of time. Finally I decided on Behr's "Old Rose." I love it! 

After painting the room, I decided to take off the doors to the closet because it was extra space that could be used for a sitting area. I painted it dark grey, but have recently painted it the same "Old Rose" color. My husband and I are doing a little weekend project together. Our intentions are to make a cute little reading nook. Granted, working on projects like this with my husband are time consuming to say the least. 

He wanted to do the design, get the measurements, cut the wood absolutely perfectly. Literally, he basically took over the project and let's me operate the jig. I will make another post when we are finished with our project. Here are pictures of the room as it is (remember, I recently painted the closet "old rose.")

I really need better curtains too, but all in good time.