Gold & Navy Baby Shower




Back in October, I offered to throw my a neighborhood friend a baby shower for her second baby. I should preface this post with a statement about my love of throwing a party. It probably has something to do with my undergraduate degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management! Even though I was going through a rough patch with my health (thyroid related hell), I powered through it! I am going to throw this out there and say that the guest of honor seemed pretty excited when she saw all the work that went into her shower.


I gave myself a modest budget for decorations, so that I could spend more on party games and food. With that being said, I hit up the dollar store like a crazy lady and bought anything baby shower related. If you have been to a baby shower, then you have seen the little baby shoes you can buy. However, with a little imagination, gold spray paint, glitter, and an awesome face mask….anyone can take their dollar store finds and make them into mini-pieces of art.


Cheers for baby Dominic!